Tarek Habib Captan aka DJ Dusk
(1974 - 2006)

Master of ceremonies, Chief Selectah and Dee Jay - Habib & Janet Captan blessed this world with his birth on Dec 1st, 1974 in Liberia, Africa.

They soon after moved to La Habra, CA where he grew up and by age 11, he was DJing courtesy of his parents' gift of 2 turntables, a dj mixer & his natural love for Hip Hop. He practiced and developed all elements of Hip Hop including the 5th element, knowledge which he would use to fuel his passion & pursuit for social justice.

By 1990 Dusk was writing PHRISK & was brought into the V.O.B. (Visions of Brotherhood) crew which stood for raising consciousness through Hip Hop. "White, Black, Yellow, or Brown, if we work as one we can all get down" were the words that Dusk & V.O.B lived by. He attended UC Santa Cruz for a few years further developing his skills in the area of DJing & activism. And continued his studies at UCLA, where he got his bachelors degree in sociology, organized the 1st national Hip Hop Conference & would later teach an extension course he created called "DJ as the Post Modern Musician". Most significantly during this time, he would become involved in a mentoring program at the Mar Vista Center where he volunteered & eventually worked changing many lives until his last days.

Around 1994, he would meet CBS/Fly ID crew member DJ Rob One (RIP) who musically mentored & influenced him greatly. Rob One introduced Dusk & brought him into The LA chapter of The Universal Zulu Nation (which he would later help in reviving in 2004). Soon after, he hosted his own radio show on KPFK called "The Bridge". He then met MC T-Love (with whom he co hosted the radio show "Strange Fruit") & Miles, becoming the DJ for their Trio. Though short lived, that connection brought him to the Rootdown family where he established himself as Master of Ceremonies & Chief Selectah. He conceived LA's 1st ever Rootdown Soundclash and emceed the legendary Brainfreeze LA party.

Dusk would expand beyond Rootdown quickly to DJ for Bounce Rock Skate, Nappy at the Roots, Descarga, Sound Lessons, the Thanksgivends Benefit, Rootdown NYC & various other residencies that were always on fire with his seamless, organic mix of Hip Hop, soul-jazz-funk, Jamaican, Disco & Latin sounds. He had just begun to become a major promoter with his Prima Lux roving parties. Dusk was in the motion of putting his verses on wax & did so for the Breakestra's "Family Rap", though unreleased as of yet. He is felt, heard, loved, respected & will always be missed, dusk till dawn..........

The Root Down Sound System continues in his spirit for we know it would be important to him that his family keeps spreading the word of positive music and community love. His legacy will live on as we continue to carry his words "We're not done, We're not done".

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